• Industry Research2022-05-18CHEM1 focuses on the energy and chemical fields, and conducts comprehensive analysis on policies, industries, products, prices, companies, etc., to help customers deeply understand the facts and truth of the target industry and deduce future trends.
  • Investment Evaluation2022-05-18As a financial and industrial investor, there are often structural trading opportunities in the cyclical energy and chemical industries. However, with complex industrial chains and numerous products, it is not easy to gain insight into the industry in a timely manner. Chem1 provides M&A support, asset pricing, and comprehensive advisory on investment decisions.
  • Professional Training2022-05-18CHEM1 helps clients in energy and chemical industry industry chain knowledge, market segments and industry segments, product marketing training, supply chain optimization training and investment analysis and evaluation training.
  • Software Development2022-05-18We clearly perceive the customer's business goals, rely on professional models and massive data, use personalized industry decision-making optimization models and data mining as means, and integrate product forecasting, supply and demand tracking, and geographic information systems to develop customized software to provide all-round, one-stop services. style solution.