Nov-12 Nexant announces exclusive partnership with CHEM1


    Nexant expands operations in China

         On November 16, 2012 in Shanghai, Nexant announced that it has established a comprehensive cooperation with CHEM1, a professional consulting organization with the leading status in China. Refining industry users provide special services. Over the years, Nexant has provided global clients with insights and advice on developments and opportunities in China's petroleum and chemical fields. The cooperation with CHEM1 will effectively expand the actual operation of this second largest economic base in the world.
        "We are excited to look forward to working with our CHEM1 partners to enhance the support of our customers in China and around the world to focus on the Chinese market," said Dr. Andrew, Senior Vice President (Asia) of Nexant. "We have more than four in Shanghai. Years of work have involved a wide range of energy and chemical projects, and in Beijing, this new partnership provides us with a more solid foundation that will significantly strengthen our ability to provide services throughout China.” CHEM1’s experience enhances Our own experience in researching China's petrochemical industry, in turn, can support Chinese clients seeking to expand their business both domestically and overseas. As always, we will continue to be firmly committed to providing our users with the highest quality strategic consulting services, aiming to Help them grow and expand their business and achieve the best return on investment.
        CHEM1 is delighted to work with a team of experts from such a world-renowned consulting firm as Nexant, CHEM1 believes that this partnership will Generating positive synergies, leveraging the combined strengths of both companies, which will ultimately contribute to the maximization of services for all local users." 
        Nexant's Asia consulting business has grown rapidly and over the past five years, The company's focus is on developing local partnerships and its key markets across the region. In addition to its consulting center in Bangkok, it now offers a full range of oil, gas, petroleum, and clean energy service products from offices in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo.