Case 1

Project Background

The client is a large state-owned enterprise who has heavily invested in construction projects and has become one of the major players in China's petrochemical industry. The project is about to be put into production. However, the operation department and the strategic management department have different opinions about the target expectations, and resources cannot be allocated. How to integrate existing local marketing and logistic resources to play a synergistic role and support the new production capacity is the key.

Project Scope

The project needs to have a comprehensive understanding of oil products and bulk petrochemicals market, identify the main target market areas, establish a marketing platform for petrochemical products, and optimize the logistics system of the entire group. The key point is to determine the market segmentation target according to the consumption volume of the target market areas, and combine and allocate the available resources around the target. The research area is dividied into six regions according to the market layout: East China, South China, Northwest China, Southwest China, Northeast China, and North China, covering main products including specialty chemicals, oil products and liquid chemicals.


CHEM1 diagnoses the current situation of the marketing and logistics system of the group, fully understands the market supply and demand of the involved oil and petrochemical products, analyzes competitors, and finally determines the marketing strategy positioning, establishes business objectives, integrates resources, and decomposes the objectives into the subordinate business departments and regional marketing departments, re-plans the national petroleum and chemical logistics layout and direction, optimizes existing resources and reduces costs, and also finalizes the step-by-step implementation plan.

05-06 2022