Case 2

CHEM1 participated in the preparation of the issue of "China Chemical Industry Prosperity Index" implemented by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. The establishment of this system was based on internationally universal scientific and theoretical methods. The index covered 10 representative products from 8 major chemical industries, and these are inorganic alkali index (belonging to basic chemical raw materials), organic chemical raw material index (belonging to basic chemical raw materials), nitrogen fertilizer index (belonging to basic chemical fertilizers), phosphate fertilizer index (belonging to fertilizers), paint index (belonging to paint ink pigments), synthetic resin index (belonging to synthetic materials), synthetic rubber index (belonging to synthetic materials), synthetic fiber index (belonging to synthetic materials), tire index (belonging to rubber products).

Its weight indicators mainly included output, trade volume, price, main business income and fixed asset investment, and after the demonstration, evaluation and guidance of experts from scientific research institutes and universities with experience in the industry and also other fields, it was further revised to ensure the scientificity and feasibility of the index.

05-06 2022