Case 3

Project Background

One of the world's largest warehousing companies, mainly engaged in the warehousing business of oil products and liquid chemicals. In order to determine the strategic growth point in China and prepare for strategic development, it is necessary to study the past warehousing layout, the current situation of the market supply and demand balance of oil products, and the trade flow of major oil products and have a comprehensive understanding.

Project Scope

The research focuses on areas such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and the Bohai Rim, where there are relatively large opportunities for petrochemical warehousing business. Key products include crude oil, gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene, fuel oil, and bunker.


During the course of the project, CHEM1 analyzes the composition of the oil industry chain and the characteristics of each link in the chain, analyzes the market conditions of crude oil, refined oil, fuel oil and marine fuel oil, and analyzes the overall trade flow of major oil products between regions, which enables CHEM1 to comprehensively understand the situation of the oil product warehousing market and major players, analyze possible entry opportunities, and finally make effective suggestions for the strategic development of customers.

05-06 2022