Case 4

Project Background

The client is a Fortune 500 energy company who would like to enter the refined oil retail market, and they need to have a comprehensive understanding of the previous refined oil circulation chains, before choosing the market that can be entered.

Project Scope

The research area focuses on a specific province and key cities; the key products are gasoline and diesel; the key research scope includes the composition of the refined oil circulation industry chain, the main areas of profit growth in the past, the supply and demand of the regional gasoline and diesel markets, oil refining companies, and wholesale companies , warehousing companies and other major players and business model analysis, selection of entry opportunities.


CHEM1 interviews the local gas stations, wholesale companies, and warehousing companies, and by analyzing the composition of the province's refined oil industry chain, the participants in the market, the composition of past profit margins, and changes in regional supply and demand, CHEM1 provides effective solutions to the client's questions including whether there is an entry opportunity, where should the client's target market be located, and how to enter etc.

05-06 2022